We ordered lube and rubbers online and because we spent more than $20 they sent us a free (too-big-to-use) dildo. So…

to big to use….?

You know, I’m glad you asked, because it allows me to print a correction.

I originally said it was too big to use, but yesterday I learned an important lesson about determination and believing in yourself.

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Throwin’ shade and wearin’ shades 😎

NAHH, jkjk 💕💕 I don’t play that hater game ‘cuz it’s too dirty for me 👋😘

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¿Que sientes en este momento?
-Miedo mucho miedo.


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Tener el día mas triste de tu vida, llegar a tu casa y cambiar la cara completamente para que nadie se de cuenta de lo que te sucedió…

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